Coaching TEAM

We are experts in our field. Our coaches are sports scientists, doctors and all active athletes.


Golo has been coaching athletes for various Hawaii qualifications, professional victories and national successes since 2014.

Golo takes a holistic approach in which athletic performance should always be based on a health foundation.

In addition to Rocket Racing, Golo works as a doctor and sports scientist.



  • Dr. med (PhD, at the University Medical Center Eppendorf) 2019

  • M.Sc. in Exercise Science and Coaching (Sporthochschule Kön) 2017-2020

  • License to practice medicine (medical degree, University of Hamburg) 2017


Sporty vita

  • Member of the Zwift Academy Tri Team (2018),

  • Ironman Hawaii 8: 58h

  • 3x Hawaii qualification, 10 x Ironman®, many podium placements Ironman® + 70.3


Julian has an immense interest in coaching and training athletes.

In recent years he has looked after athletes at all distances and, despite demanding professional commitments, has led them to new personal bests, from the sprint distance to the Ironman.

In addition to Rocket Racing, Julian works as a doctor and scientist at the Eppendorf University Medical Center.



  • Dr. med (PhD at the University Medical Center Eppendorf (UKE)) 2017-2019

  • Doctor and scientist at the Institute for Osteology and Biomechanics, UKE since 2019 (PhD program)

  • License to practice medicine (2019)


Sporty vita

  • Triathlon : 70.3: 4:06:35

  • Marathon: 2:51 h


Hauke is active as a triathlon and swimming trainer for the Tri Team Hamburg, but also as a personal trainer for successful and time-consuming managers. Hauke has already been able to achieve many individual goals with his athletes here. From the 100m best time in under the magic minute to the strong middle distance finish.


In addition to Rocket Racing, Hauke works as a systems engineer for laboratory automation and works as a competitive sportsman for the Hamburg Triathlon Association.



  • 2018 - Bachelor of Science - Mechanical Engineering / Biomechanics

  • 2020- Master of Science - Medical Engineering


Sporty vita:

  • Finisher ÖtiilÖ 2011

  • Marathon Hamburg 2:47

  • 2nd Bundesliga North since 2013, several top 10 placements

  • Hamburg champion Olympic distance


Max has a long coaching history with many athletes and successes mainly from cycling. Max looks after both professional and amateur athletes. Here his athletes were able to win the 2020 Zwift Bundesliga among others. In addition to Rocket Racing, Max works at Lans Medicum as the sports director of performance diagnostics.



  • Sports scientist, Lans Medicum since 09/2017

  • Research Associate, Bike Laboratory, Freiburg 2015-2016

  • MSc. Sports science, Freiburg 02/2017


Sporty vita

  • 13th German Cross Country Championships, Cyclo-cross 2019


Benni has been a trainer for a long time. In 2019 he was in Iten, Kenya as preparation for his marathon season and accompanied many international athletes there.

In addition to Rocket Racing, Benni works as an aircraft engineer at Airbus.



  • B Trainer license for competitive sport, running in the German Athletics Association

  • Long-term coach at Hamburg Running, Long Distance, Marathon


Sporty vita:

  • 2: 29h Marathon 2019 (Berlin)

  • 1: 11h half marathon 2019 (Berlin)

  • fastest Hamburg marathon runner + Lübeck half marathon winner 2018


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Dr. Med. Golo Röhrken


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