"Although we typically view athletes

as fit and healthy, they are often not ”

- Maffetone and PB Laursen-



Your athletic performance builds on your health.

We at Rocket Racing trust in a holistic approach, starting from your health and improving performance secondly. Thereby, we rely on our expertise from medicine and sports science. Founded by Dr. med. Golo Röhrken, our team now consists of five coaches. All coaches are experts in a special endurance discipline, like triathlon, cycling or running.

Our holistic approach helps you train consistently while avoiding injury and illness. We help professionals, amateurs, and beginners to achieve their health - and also performance goals.

Every plan and every session pursues a goal, is based on the latest scientific knowledge, and has helped our athletes at their best.

  • Are you aiming for new best times?

  • Are you planning your first long-distance finish?

  • Do you want to improve your health?



Here we can help you.

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Dr. Med. Golo Röhrken


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